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Nobu @nobuf

@paulgorman I used to live in there... mouse mode is nice but for copy paste working with native clipboard and tmux was not fun as I recall :(

@prince wow you made this?

I'm a bit hesitating to invest further on this Mastodon instance though I should probably upgrade its AWS. 1GB memory seems not enough for Docker deploy and do other stuff.

Also, I figure out Let's Encrypt is kind of defacto to get A+ on SSL.

@ozero .tokyo の誰かが外のひとを follow していれば流れてくるはずなんですが。

Not sure about Federated timeline though. I see some toots from outside network. Maybe just we haven't followed many, so only few toots are coming up...?

Hmm, uploading image and changing avatar seems working :grinning:

`docker-compose run --rm web rake mastodon:media:clear` is running forever... #mastodon #maintenance

Well, I guess I should pack my stuff and head to the airport very soon... #london

My simple idea → a bot crawl the Local timeline and find newcomers (their first toot) and "boost" them. ("reblog" in the Mastodon API world)

Maybe the bot tries to connect those newcomers with mentioning.

Great, I got mastodon api library working with my access token. Always a bit of headache to work with OAuth...

Nostalgic ruby programming time with

I've been thinking how on-boarding on Mastodon could look like. One lesson from the old birdsite is that "who to follow" should be fixed. I am looking for interactions, not news/celebrities.

@prince Ha, that's interesting. Actually I also thought that's Buddha at the first glance. Modern Japanese language doesn't use that kanji character for baka usually.
If I was stupid but not entirely stupid, I might be worse and people hate me haha :sob:

@prince Haha you know what "baka" means, right? It's a bit counterintuitive quote... Could there be any "smart foolish" people? :smirk:

@hiko1ron 小説?読んだことないなー

Ah. So to do "Remote Follow" you have to enter your instance name.